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Wax Technician Baucom Moves On; Cross Country Welcomes Former Snowboardcross Technician onto Team

By Leann Bentley
July, 14 2023
Tim Baucom stands in the U.S. waxing truck earlier this 2022-23 season. (Sarah Brunson)

Tim Baucom, a wax technician for the Stifel U.S. Cross Country Ski Team is moving onto the next chapter. For years, Tim’s expertise has played an integral role in the teams’ success on the World stage, including World Cups, World Championships and the Olympics. His meticulous attention to detail and knowledge has undoubtedly contributed to the countless victories and remarkable skiing from our athletes. Beyond his technical prowess, his positive attitude, unwavering support and friendliness has been a constant motivation for not only the athletes, but everyone involved in the sport. As he embarks on the next chapter, there are many things to miss and we thank him for the hundreds - if not thousands - of hours he devoted to the Stifel U.S. Cross Country Ski Team. 

Now, we welcome another pro to our wax technician team. Leading the charge with the U.S. Snowboardcross Team for several seasons, Paul Choudoir has “been a friend to the team for many years,” said Chris Grover, the Stifel U.S. Cross Country Ski Team program director. Bringing years of experience, which included several World Cups, World Championships and the Olympics, Paul’s knowledge of the industry and ski racing will be invaluable as he joins our crew. "He brings a high level of experience in ski waxing, ski selection, and grinding coupled with professionalism, the ability to work under pressure, and passion for the sport," said Grover. "We are looking forward to the 23-24 season with Paul as an integral part of this program.” 

Thank you, Tim for your years of service and we look forward to Paul joining the team!


Quotes for Tim from current and former athletes, coaches and wax techs:

“While Tim’s departure will be a big loss for us, what he added to our team over the last eight years remains. He upped our professionalism, and helped develop our staff’s team culture into an environment people don’t want to leave. But there’s no doubt, I will miss his ever-smile and willing singing voice.” Matt Whitcomb, Head Coach of the Stifel U.S. Cross Country Ski Team

“I worked with Tim for the past two seasons and I had nothing but positive and fun times with him. Like all of our wax techs, he worked his ass off every single day and did everything he could to help the athletes he was working with have the best days and skis possible. He always kept a great attitude no matter the outcome and I feel truly grateful to have worked with him these past couple years and to have him as a friend now. I can't thank him enough for the impact he's had on our team.” JC Schoonmaker, athlete on the Stifel U.S. Cross Country Ski Team 

“It will be hard to adjust to not having Tim’s presence  Seems like there was more than one of him, he was always there. In the middle of it all. Helping, humble, calming, listening, and just always there. Yolanda will miss you as you drove her expertly and with care!” Eli Brown, Stifel U.S. Cross Country Ski Team wax technician. 

"Our XC team (i can say “OUR” by now) grew big in terms of number of athletes, and we needed to have more techs to take care of them, and that is when Tim came along. They were perfect duo in many ways and they brought fun and knowledge to our team. Throughout the years, Tim opened up even more - he was/is good balancer in many ways and the best bench mate I ever had. Yet, what is most important, is he gave everything he had, doing what he loved to do at that moment. I'm very grateful for that time/journey when Tim was part of our crew. I really hope that our paths will cross agin some day. Would be that on the same “road” or different one." Oleg Ragilo, Stifel U.S. Cross Country Ski Team wax technician.

“From the first time I met Tim when he was helping lead a trip when I was a U16, to spending four World Cup Seasons with him as my wax tech, Tim has always lead with kindness and generosity, followed by top tier waxing skills. Life on the road away from loved ones for an entire winter brought plenty of challenges for me, but I always knew I could count on Tim to show up with positivity and a calm energy, no matter the situation. Tim consistently shows up for many people on our team as a safe person—someone you know you can talk to about anything and feel accepted. It was Tim’s secure attitude and relaxed energy that got me through some of the tough races at the Beijing Olympics. He always has a way of making the most stressful situations feel under control—even when I’d cut it a little close with last minute wax changes, nearly missed my start, or had an awful race and just needed a hug. He always seemed to know what I needed as an athlete- though most importantly, as a human being, and that went a long way in getting me to the start line feeling prepared. The team is incredibly lucky to have Tim as a staff member, mentor, friend and leader. And don’t forget that he’s a wizard on the guitar with the voice of an angel.” Hailey Swirbul, former athlete on the Stifel U.S. Cross Country Ski Team